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International financial market

International financial market

Analysis and assessment of events occurring in the global financial market shows that the situation has become aggravated and begins to lean toward a denouement, the result of which, according to our analysts, may be the introduction of a fundamentally new model of the world monetary system. Experts emphasize that the outcome of the financial crisis is accompanied by a sharp confrontation among the world elite. This confrontation is primarily manifested in the currency and stock markets. In other words, these markets, representing the most mobile part of the global financial system, show the priority directions of its development earlier than others. From this point of view, the desire of many countries to escape from the influence of the US dollar, to reorient the structure of their foreign exchange reserves to other world currencies (pound, euro, yen) or introduce new currency instruments (such as the “dinar” of the Persian countries) deserves attention. Currently, this process is still gaining momentum. And although a significant part of the reserves of the countries of the world is still nominated in US dollars, the trends for its overall decline are clearly visible.